Iridium iSavi

With the Inmarsat iSavi you can communicate on a near global scale!

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  • Global Scale

    Since Inmarsat's network operates over a vast array of satellites you can literally be almost anywhere on the planet and still get a signal. Get help and stay connected; anywhere!

  • Rugged

    Inmarsat's products are also built rugged so they can take rough use and still continue to perform up to the highest standards for communications. Be ready and connected with Inmarsat!

  • Loaded w/Features

    With a number of features built into their devices Inmarsat's products can make calling from anywhere nice and convenient; even from inside a vehicle!

Iridium Extreme product image - Apollo SatCom

Inmarsat's iSatphone

Quality, ruggedness, and reliability in a compact but powerful satphone from Inmarsat.

  • Rugged

    The iSatphone is built rugged so it can put up with anything mother nature can throw at it and keep on working the way it should, making it handy for any trip into the wild.

  • Compact But Powerful

    The iSatphone is a powerful communication device that is backed by Inmarsat's powerful network. Pick one up and stay connected on a global scale for safety or just keeping in touch with family and friends!

  • Handheld

    The IsatPhone is a handheld device so it is small enough to fit into the pocket. With a length of 6.7 inches and a depth of 1.1 inches. At that size it can be hauled comfortably in your luggage or outdoor pack with ease.

  • Global

    Since it operates on Inmarsat's network, which is the world's most reliable network, you can literally take it anywhere on a global scale and always expect to have a good, strong signal!

Iridium 9555 product image - Apollo SatCom

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  • 10 Data Minutes
  • 10 Voice Minutes
  • 10 SMS
  • $1.69/min Voice
  • $0.99/min Voice
  • $0.25 Text


  • 25 Data Minutes
  • 25 Voice Minutes
  • 25 SMS
  • $1.59/min Voice
  • $0.89/min Voice
  • $0.20 Text


  • 75 Data Minutes
  • 75 Voice Minutes
  • 75 SMS
  • $1.49/min Voice
  • $0.79/min Voice
  • $0.15 Text